To study at HyperWerk you can apply until 15 February 2018


You want to take up a career in design and work towards changes in society?How do we want to live together in the future? How can we draft this common future and negotiate it? How can we design it? And what are we doing for it now? Are you able to bear freedom and invent your profession?


HyperWerk is a very special institution for studying: a place for an innovative design curriculum; a pedagogical model; an empowerment to social transformation, speculation, and to the design of processes. The specific topics are developed and adapted continuously and in collaboration with our students. Inventing processes, developing projects, detecting trends, discussing changes, displaying proposals, demonstrating possibilities, testing media, understanding digitization, asking questions, and providing answers! Freedom is our prime concern at HyperWerk. We want to find out how a student thrives in his or her individuality when he or she can define limits him- or herself. And how can there be collaboration under such circumstances?

For information about how HyperWerk functions and what the requirements are, download our BEAR FREEDOM flyer.
You are also welcome to CONTACT  US.

Three steps and you will be studying freedom!
1. Apply
Fill out the FHNW HGK application form and send it to the address given on the form until 15 February 2018. You obtain the application form via this link: LINK

2. We write you
We will write you and ask you to accomplish a small task, and you write us back. We do not require a portfolio—we require your motivation.

3. We get to know each other
On 27, 28, and 29 April 2018 we hold our entry assessment. If we approve of your answers, we invite you, and over this weekend you can find out whether we are suited to you and you to us.