Apply to HyperWerk! Until 15.2.2019… And Connect the Dots!

Connect the Dots and Invent your Profession! How can we live together? How can we design the future? And how do we act today? HyperWerk is an ecosystem for an innovative design curriculum; a pedagogical model; an empowerment to social transformation, to speculation, and to the design of processes. Designing processes, developing projects, detecting trends, discussing changes, presenting proposals, demonstrating options, testing media, understanding digitization, asking questions, and providing answers! At HyperWerk you need to be able to endure freedom. The freedom to find your own way, and the freedom to collaborate in a community. We facilitate individual learning paths and negotiate the limits together. You can find out more about studying at HyperWerk here: Connect the Dots!

Come to our Open House next 11.1.2019 – and contact us directly in order to discuss the possibilities. And in general—if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Apply to HyperWerk until 15.2.2019 – here are the Application Documents! We look forward to hearing from you!