Freiraum Festival 2020

Das Institut Hyperwerk ist Partner*in des am 30-31.10 und 01.11 stattfindenden Freiraumfestivals und ist mit zwei Beiträgen vertreten. Das Institut unterstützt den Event mit Technik, Rat und Tat. Und wenn die Drähte in Thessaloniki zu heiss laufen, steht in Basel ein Equipment bereit, damit das Licht am Bildschirm nicht erlöscht. Ein Wochenendprogramm mit vielen unterschiedlichen spannenden Beiträgen und Teilnehmer*innen erwartet euch.


Video, discussion and educational, participatory project, hosted by Institute Hyperwerk, Online content 

In 1991, video artist Reinhard Manz published a videotape entitled “Fortschritt” (progress). He reflected on his experiences with changing technologies and his own concern to develop a counter language: „The progress of technology is compelling and even dominated us. (…) The progress towards ever finer image technologies carries us away from our origins and creates a distance to reality that only serves as decoration”. Since then, technical developments have exploded, video studios suitable for broadcasting fit in a bag-back. The digital presence intervenes with the physical presence; we are all always on air and on reception at the same time. The promise is as it ever was for all media: a further expansion in space and time or/and an additional prothesis of our bodies. What can we do – on stages, in concert halls, in museums or art spaces, in public? Turn on these electronic boxes by ourselves and develop new counter-media in our everyday life – DIY everywhere. A short video goes through technical developments from the first b&w video cameras to the current situation and opens up new approaches, followed by a discussion with Reinhard Manz.

„Peripher_ies“ promotes a digital exchange for the transformation of concepts of thought such as periphery and centre between students, professional practitioners and academics at all levels, based on audio field recordings. COVID19 forced us to hold the first digital workshops during lockdown. Listening and dealing with sound proved to be an extremely suitable medium for joint discourse and exchange. In the project we ask ourselves methodological questions to combine forms of international digital exchange in combination with local and regional activities. A short video discussing the possibilities of digital/hybrid programs to intensify international exchange while reducing resource consumption, is shown as part of the Freiraum Festival.