select_start: How to swarm!

Diplomausstellung "HOW TO SWARM" von HyperWerk 2011


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select_start supports the swarm behavior of newly-formed business ventures as they turn up around design academies. How can the graduates of said academies join forces to form project-related teams? And what are the means to foster creativity, commitment, and efficiency under such circumstances? select_start gives practical support to about 25 diploma project teams from the Swiss institute for post-industrial design HyperWerk. Their recurring needs are mirrored in the select_start range of offers, and both their successes and mistakes will serve as a guide to those students and other interested parties who will follow in their path. Thus, there will be a give and take between a framework and the individual cases in point. select_start develops material as well as conceptual resources for interdisciplinary project work, puts them to the test, and analyzes and evaluates them. These resources include references, recommendations, and warnings concerning equipment, locations, media, materials, contracts, platforms, structures, modes of presentation, partner institutions, communities, teaching materials, and teachers. In the long run, select_start shall, in our vision, establish a network of creative people whose sphere would be, as it were, a virtual design-park containing various institutes, agencies, and enterprises gathered around HyperWerk as the mother institution. This new explorative milieu would function as a transfer-zone between academia, economy, and society. select_start has taken up a close partnership with the Plexwerk-project, which proposes to reuse twenty Swiss train stations and form a decentralized design park. At present, a first station is being transformed as proof of concept, and special tools are being developed. Commercial activity in these stations might be a kind of public Instant Spectacular Production, with performance qualities. The creative design swarm shall reinvent the acts of production thus leading the way to a more sustainable consumption.